89 Fore Street, Topsham, Exeter EX3 0HQ
89 Fore Street, Topsham, Exeter EX3 0HQ

What do Dental Implants mean to you?

  • Having a denture that is fixed and doesn’t jump about when you speak
  • You want to avoid dentures completely
  • Being able to eat the foods you enjoyed when you had your own teeth
  • Not having to use denture glue
  • Having to continually replace the glue after every meal
  • Avoiding mouth ulcers and painful gums
  • To feel confident again
  • To stop having either, a very dry mouth, or a mouth full of saliva
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We can resolve these issues for you.

We appreciate the fear associated with dental implants. At The Whyte House we have an expert who has placed over 10,000 implants and we provide monthly payment plans. Fill out the form below and book a FREE CONSULTATION with Dr Grant. Please review the testimonials from hundreds of our patients. Testimonials

Dental Implants and Oral Surgeon – Dr Phil Bennett – Implantologist. 

At The Whyte House we are proud to work with Dr Phil Bennett, Exeter’s only European expert in dental implants and past president of the Association of Dental Implantology.

Since 1989, Phil has placed more than 10,000 implants and regularly lectures on implantology within the UK and overseas. Trust your dental implant work to Phil and you can rest assured that you’re in safe, caring and highly experienced hands.

As the UK’s first European Dental Implant Expert, Dr Phil Bennett is an ideal choice for anyone who understands that less than perfect implant dentistry would be a compromise too far.

An acknowledged expert in implantology, Dr Bennett draws on his extensive knowledge and experience of all the major dental implant systems, as well as adding dedication and a warm, personal approach to his acclaimed clinical expertise.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Cheaper long-term solution

Dental implants are indeed a financial investment, but can work out cheaper than alternative treatments in the long run – thanks to the lifespan of the implant. Please see our price list for further details. For registered patients, we also offer finance for up to 5 years for treatment plans over £500, subject to status and T&Cs. 

What is standing in the way of you and a beautiful smile?

“I am worried dental implants will hurt”

Make sure you go for trust and experience. An experienced oral surgeon will  provide good local anesthesia. The majority of patients say the treatment is relatively painless. https://thewhytehouse.com/testimonials/

“I am worried the treatment is so expensive I will go abroad and get cheap dental implants”

This is so understandable when there isn’t a regulation on the prices in the UK. You cannot pay for trust. Meet the surgeon, get the estimate in writing. Any implants placed abroad will need maintained and looked after. This must be factored in to the cost.

“What are the costs of dental implants?”

The costs vary considerably. Most dental surgeons will allow you to pay monthly to reduce the initial costs significantly. The price depends on complexity, cosmetic demands and many other factors. To get an implant price from a telephone discussion is not always accurate, so request a free consultation. You could be paying as little as £85 per month.

“I am worried they will fail, is there dental implants insurance?”

There is insurance. Many patients contact their insurance broker to discuss options. They are more qualified to give you this advice.

“Is anyone offering dental implants near me, where is the best place to go? “

Always go on personal recommendation. Read all the reviews and above all, make sure you look for extra qualifications and experience. An experienced oral surgeon will not find any questions insulting. For example, how long have they been placing implants, how many have they placed.

“Affordable implants or a bridge or a denture?”

Having many choices can make decision making more difficult. Make sure you get all the different options presented to you. Implants are NOT the only choice and in many cases, is not necessarily the most ideal. It all depends on your circumstances and oral health.

“Same Day Teeth?”

Implants need to bed in and heal before they are loaded and used for eating. In some circumstances, very skilled and experienced surgeons can place immediate loading implants. Same day teeth is the term used to describe this procedure.

“Single tooth implants to All on 4, I just see so much information it makes my head spin!”

There is so much information out there. The internet is a great source for investigating options. But nothing compares to meeting the surgeon. At The Whyte House we always prefer the surgeon discussing options with you rather than a treatment coordinator. The information is more accurate and relates to you as a patient rather than a brochure that can be downloaded from any web site.

“Will I need to take time off work after I have had a permanent tooth implant?”

It is rare to have to take time off. As well as this, we can make sure you are not left with a gap during the healing phase.

What patients have to say about us

M. Williams, Exeter
I decided to go ahead with treatment for implants after discussing with Grant and my family. After some consultations it was agreed that I would benefit from the treatment and I went ahead. Throughout the process I was treated with respect being kept informed of the progress and what to expect. It has made a big difference to me from my smile to my confidence when eating out.  I am really happy with the outcome and would do it all again. It was definitely money well spent for me.

Mrs D Bryant, Exeter
Quite simply “The best”

Mr Mitchell, Exeter
After not being able to wear a lower denture for years and after seeing Rob and Grant and having implants sited and a lower denture it has solved my problems. The service they both gave was amazing.


Our dental practice is located in the beautiful little town of Topsham, a short drive from Exeter, on the edge of the river Exe.

We are right in the centre of Topsham, virtually opposite Matthews Hall and the Fire Station, on Fore Street.

Free 1-hour parking is available on Fore Street outside the practice, although we recommend the Pay & Display car park across the road from us for longer visits.

We are less than 5 minutes’ walk from Topsham Railway Station (go down the hill to the mini roundabout, turn left and our surgery is a few doors down on the right) and close to the ‘T’ and ‘57’ bus routes.

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